Persian Blue Marshmallow Gin Miniature - 5cl

Persian Blue Marshmallow Gin Miniature - 5cl

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Persian Blue Marshmallow Gin - 5cl

40% vol

Expect a little sweetness in your glass without it being overpowering. Lovers of all things sweet may be picturing a mound of soft and fluffy treats, but marshmallow root is actually a herb.

As well as being the core ingredient in everybody’s favourite fireside friend, it’s also found in tea, supplements and tinctures. It’s said to have medicinal properties so if you’re suffering from a dry cough or digestive problems, this gin might just have secret healing powers.

It certainly looks the part. A vibrant shade of blue, it’s definitely one to dig out for your next gin party.

Coloured gin can really make a statement. Yet, by adding a quality light tonic water, plenty of ice and a curl of lemon peel to a martini glass, it’s a pretty low maintenance way to achieve coloured cocktail splendour.